Iron Man's actual replacement for the MCU has been confirmed by Marvel.

James "Rhodey" Rhodes is the appropriate substitute for the late Iron Man in the upcoming Armor Wars, the MCU has announced via Secret Invasion.

As one of the first people to learn of Tony Stark's newly discovered superhero alter identity, Rhodey has been a member of the MCU since the first Iron Man movie from 2008.

Ironheart made her MCU premiere, Tom Holland's Spider-Man served as a mentor, 

and the impending Armor Wars film will finally give Rhodey his own Marvel project, all thanks to the MCU.

The genuine heir of Iron Man, though, can only be one.

When Tony Stark sadly gave his life at the conclusion of Endgame to fight Thanos and his armies, many viewers questioned who would take over for him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In some ways, Wakanda, a technologically advanced country, resembles Stark in that it provides superheroes with cutting-edge armor and weapons,

most notably Sam Wilson and Riri Williams. 

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