In shooting over store's Pride flag, violence predictions come true.

Social media profiles under the name Travis Ikeguchi have been posting regularly for months about dread and animosity toward the LGBTQ community.

Conspiracy theories promoted by far-right extremists were retweeted by an X account.

It included posts comparing "Pride Month" to the term "demon," along with posts against abortion and Bible texts. 

 According to one post, same-sex unions are "at conflict" with traditional family values. A Pride flag was on fire in another post that was placed to the top of the list.   

After shouting homophobic slurs and tearing down the Pride flag that Laura Ann Carleton, a mother of nine,

had flown outside her tiny store in the Cedar Glen community of Lake Arrowhead, a resort town in the foothills east of Los Angeles,

had flown, prosecutors claim that 27-year-old Ikeguchi shot and killed her on Friday. Soon later, sheriff's deputies shot and killed Ikeguchi nearby the business.

As horrifying as the shooting was, extremism specialists predicted it. It's the latest attack by a far-right extremist with LGBTQ conspiracy ideas.

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