In Outlander, how did Jamie Fraser lose his finger?

Many Outlander fans are re-reading the earlier seasons and Diana Gabaldon's novels ,

because the Droughtlander is currently in full swing and the second half of season seven won't premiere until 2024.

There may have been a significant alteration between the midseason finale of Outlander,

and the seventh book, An Echo in the Bone.During the first Battle of Saratoga, Jamie Fraser,

who is portrayed by Sam Heughan, suffered quite a few injuries.Even worse,

his wife Claire Fraser (Caitrona Balfe) had to patch him up after he injured his hand.In the series,

Jamie's hand was restored to perfect condition by Claire's outstanding 20th-century medical,

knowledge after he once again came dangerously close to death.Things took a more dark turn for Jamie in An Echo in the Bone,

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