In MCU Phase 5, another Avenger repeats Iron Man's curse

With another Avengers in the Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios is carrying out the curse of Iron Man once more.

It was a controversial choice by Kevin Feige to start the franchise with a Marvel Comics character from the B-list. But as if that weren't enough of a gamble,

Marvel Studios went even further when they chose Robert Downey Jr. for the part. But it all paid off when it became evident that the actor was a natural choice for Tony Stark.

He ended up having the best long-term character journey in film history over the course of the following 11 years, becoming the face of the MCU.

Iron Man's intriguing tale is greatly influenced by his distinct character development.

The universal storylines of its characters serve as a foundation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which tackles with many fictional themes like superpowered creatures and supernatural realms. 

After Iron Man died to prevent Thanos's destruction at the conclusion of Stark's MCU arc, he was completely atoned for his sins. 

His road to redemption wasn't simple, though. It has its ups and downs, tainted by poor choices made despite having the best of intentions.

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