5 Marvel Characters Sasha Calle From The Flash Would Be Ideal For

Even if it was not the box office smash that Warner Bros. had anticipated for, and the CGI was, to put it mildly, lacking, I still have a lot of positive things to say about The Flash.

The one thing that pleasantly surprised me the most was Sasha Calle's portrayal as a version of Supergirl from another part of the DC Multiverse, which has me wanting to see her in the Marvel Multiverse one day.

Given that she recently made her feature film debut in a DC Comics adaptation, it may seem far too soon to speculate about the Colombian-American actor's possibility to star in any upcoming Marvel films.

However, I have a feeling that her groundbreaking, Latina interpretation of the Kryptonian hero will be overlooked in the new universe of upcoming DC films,

which will feature a solo Supergirl film. Not wanting to see her tremendous superhero acting talent go to waste, I took the liberty of suggesting some Marvel characters to Kevin Feige and company.

 Starting with Calle, he could be a fantastic fit. There are several Marvel heroes who have been compared to Superman due to comparable abilities and origin tales. 

 Sentry, a former Meth addict who stole into a science lab, took an experimental serum, and became a hero of enormous power, 

despite a self-destructive alter ego residing inside him called the Void, is one of the most famous of these wonderful men of steel. 

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The trade that Dallas made is already paying dividends in practice.