I won't take medicine since my mental health provides me an advantage.

Lottie Moss opposes pharmaceuticals because she loves her mental health's "edge".

The 25-year-old fashion model, half-sister of Kate Moss, suffered a mental breakdown in April 2021

owing to depression and checked into rehab in February 2022 after self-medicating with alcohol and narcotics.

She said she didn't enjoy how the drug "numbed" her and took away her

"I was sad but didn't recognize it. I've always said, 'I'm OK, I'm good' when I'm not. I never wanted people to think 'She is

People think I'm confident, but I act for the camera."

 I dislike medicine and thought-altering substances. I suppose my mental condition provides me an advantage."

The blonde beauty said she was “traumatised” by body-shaming on set in her early modeling career.

The two-time Women's Champion is eager to return to WWE after a seventeen-year absence to battle Charlotte Flair.