"I have problems with both of Nolan's films": James Gunn criticized the US 2.4 billion Batman trilogy before joining DCEU.

In an unexpected turn of events, James Gunn's Christopher Nolan trilogy comments have resurfaced in screenshots.

Gunn's arrival at DC remains one of the studio's greatest leadership moves.

With superhero movies underperforming, DC wanted a change that could rebuild the universe and build its brand from start.

In this context, a Gunn tweet has surfaced. The filmmaker discussed his call on Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy when he wasn't at the studio.

Two of Gunn's more contentious statements were made years before he considered working with DC.

The director expresses his views on Facebook at the time of the movie's release.

The three comments are below. The first screenshot says Keaton had a weird voice.

However, I'd rather endure a weird voice than bad action sequences and acting worthy of Batman."

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