Can vitamins combat cancer? A new research finds intriguing correlations between micronutrients and cancer risk.

Players are dissatisfied with the way the schedule is affecting their prospects, since late-night games are having a negative impact later down the line.

Even after her stunning win against Daria Kasatkina in the quarterfinals earlier this month in Montreal

calling its leadership ineffective and characterizing the organization as "unprofessional."

the 24-year-old player did not hold back and harshly criticized the Women's Tennis Association

she would fail to win her semifinal match against Liudmila Samsonova. After the match

 Due to the heavy taping that she had on her shoulder, it seemed certain that

 She herself described the experience as having "destroyed"

although she had to work until just before 3 o'clock in the morning to complete.

The two-time Women's Champion is eager to return to WWE after a seventeen-year absence to battle Charlotte Flair.