I always say money can't buy taste," says Pamela Anderson about fashion.

The ‘Baywatch’ star has seen her ’90s style return, and TikTok #Pamcore adoration

Vivienne Westwood was the first to say, "Buy one item a year." Do not overbuy.”

Pamela's Baywatch high-cut red bikini, denim cut-offs, slip skirts

Pamela Anderson called her style “wild and uninhibited,” yet it's legendary and has garnered her marketing campaigns.

Pamela just appeared in Aritzia's 2023 Babaton Fall campaign, filmed in her backyard.

She said: “When I was younger, I never believed I would be in any advertisements, particularly recognized ones.

I feel very in the zone and accepted by my peers lately’.”

However, I decided, "I want to wear a suit while mowing the grass and when

 were integral members of the long-running drama that aired on ABC for almost four decades.