Hundreds of aircraft are grounded due to a UK air traffic issue, leaving thousands stranded.

A technological malfunction has rocked the UK's air traffic control systems, causing thousands of travellers to face lengthy delays at airports.

Engineers are still working to "find and fix" the problem.

National Air Traffic Services emphasizes that UK airspace is not blocked, but traffic limitations have been implemented to "maintain safety," according to the BBC.

The corporation has not disclosed the outage's cause or length. Several UK airports and Ryanair, EasyJet, Virgin, and Aer Lingus have issued delays and cancellation alerts.

The Independent travel correspondent Simon Calder says such technological glitches are "extremely rare" and occur every five to ten years.

"There are of course back up systems upon back up systems to prevent a shutdown like this," he said.

Calder said "I've got absolutely no evidence of that," despite online rumors that "some kind of hack" caused the technical issues.

"It may just be one of those system failures we've seen in other parts of aviation—people will be reminded of British Airways' IT failures."

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