HIDIVE's Top Anime Movies

HIDIVE has a large selection of unique anime movies that are not available on other popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Girls and Panzer das Film is an enjoyable anime film with an exciting climactic battle that is worth seeing.

The Movie is a compilation film that condenses the 2019 series into a two-hour experience with amazing aerial fighting sequences.Web Desk's28th of August, 2023

MTV announced on Monday that the pop sensation will be the first South American musician to receive this award and perform at the show.

Funimation and its affiliate, Crunchyroll, are the main players in the field of anime streaming services. 

With all of these services available in the United States, anime fans have so many alternatives that they may overlook others. 

 That, however, would be a mistake.

The climactic conflict takes up about half of the film and is a joy to see unfold.

The two-time Women's Champion is eager to return to WWE after a seventeen-year absence to battle Charlotte Flair.