Harry and Meghan become Hollywood producers, spending 31.5 crore on romantic novel rights for Netflix film.

A best-selling love novel has been optioned for production by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

 The power couple is making a daring transition from personal documentaries to fiction production with their first effort for Netflix.

Carley Fortune, a former journalist turned author, wrote the intriguing Meet Me At The Lake.

The love story, which is expected to cost up to £3 million (31.5 crore), has echoes of Harry and Meghan's real-life romance, according to The Sun.

The narrative incorporates themes of childhood trauma, mental health, and post-natal depression, making it an ideal fit for the couple's interests and experiences.

"This is their biggest and most significant as producers," a source told the publication.

The rights to the love novel Meet Me At The Lake could have been purchased for a significant sum, thought to be about £3 million, according to The Sun.

The novel is regarded as a touching "love story" that unfolds between a couple in their 30s and bears remarkable similarities to the Duke and Duchess's real-life romance.

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The trade that Dallas made is already paying dividends in practice.