From the World of John Wick investigates the assassins' hotel Continental.

How can one expand on John Wick, a lavishly staged action film franchise, after four action-packed films led by Keanu Reeves?

 That is the challenge for the upcoming prequel The Continental

 From the World of John Wick - a series that looks deeply into the origins of the hotel-for-assassins

Albert Hughes directed and executive produced the three-part limited series, which stars Colin Woodell, Mel Gibson,

The plot follows Woodell's young Winston, who is poised to create a safe haven for assassins and members of the underworld in 1970s New York. 

"I think because I hadn't watched the films at first and because I hadn't seen what he was doing, I just brought myself to it,"

After accepting the invitation and discussing the idea, I watched all three films in a 24-hour period, which was a lot,

but it was also quite enlightening to see what he was doing and pick up on his tiny nuances.

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