Former tennis player dies at the age of 31 from a massive heart attack.

Lilly Kimbell, a former college tennis star, died of a heart attack at the age of 31 after collapsing at home and being transported to the hospital.

Despite CPR attempts to save her life, doctors found she had a catastrophic heart attack. Her brain was unable to restore awareness due to a lack of oxygen, and she was taken off life support.

Kimbell was one of the most accomplished collegiate tennis players in history. She won 197 matches, including 109 in doubles and 88 in singles. She made four trips to the NCAA Quarterfinals. 

"We were stunned and heartbroken to learn of Lilly's passing," said University of Georgia head coach Jeff Wallace.

 "I will always remember how her attitude and work ethic contributed to the creation of a culture of excellence," he concluded.

"Lilly was an excellent teammate who was always cheerful and upbeat during practice and games."

 "She is one of Georgia tennis's most successful doubles players," he noted. 

"She went undefeated in doubles with Maho (Kowase) during the spring of her sophomore year, and their 22-match winning streak is still a school record."

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