Fans Should Know This Major '1923' Season 2 Update

When the Dutton family ranch was attacked and Spencer and Alex were on their way to help preserve it, the first season of 1923 concluded dramatically.

Fans of the Yellowstone prequel will have to wait a while before getting answers to these and other cliffhangers.

There was much anticipation for the second season to begin in December 2022, like the first did.

Due to the Writers Guild of America strike, which is now in its second month, that suddenly looks doubtful.

Production was planned to start in Butte earlier in June, according to NBC Montana.

According to NBC Montana, Butte Civic Center manager Bill Melvin stated that the project has been "delayed indefinitely" as a result of the strike.

The production firm had a contract to hire the facility for storage and film sets.

According to KXLF Butte, the production company paid $75,000 a month to rent the Civic Center, which was closed for most of 2022 due to season 1 filming.

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