Fans of Sam Heughan and Outlander love the Pineapple Swim Briefs.

Sam Heughan enjoys working with the Outlander cast; in fact,

he and his former co-star Graham McTavish started a separate show called Men in Kilts where they go on adventures,

and impart Scottish history to viewers. Sam wore tight pineapple bathing trunks,

this week for Season 2. It goes without saying that Outlander fans would be quite,

interested in this kind of post. The second season of Men in Kilts has been aired as part of the 2023 TV schedule,

and this time Heughan and McTavish have traveled to New Zealand for the new episodes,

in order to investigate their nation's connections to and history with that country.We've done some, well,

stupid things in the past, but this one could take the cake, Heughan said as he took off his clothes.

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