Ezekiel Elliott's Six-Word Message After Patriots Signing

According to Ian Rapoport's report, former Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is set to sign a one-year deal with the Patriots in free agency. 

Elliott was formerly employed by the Cowboys.

Elliott posted a brief message for his supporters on X, which was then known as Twitter, shortly after the news regarding the one-year contract became public.

 In the message, Elliott expressed his eagerness to begin his career in New England.

"One Five, all the way live!" yelled the announcer. Elliott published a post on the social media platform and mentioned the Patriots' account in the text of the post.

Elliott has stated that he plans to wear the No. 15 jersey when he plays for the Patriots in New England, therefore "One Five" was a reference to that jersey. 

During his time as a student at Ohio State, he sported the number 15, and it is expected that he will do the same with the Patriots.

Adrian Phillips, a defensive back with the Patriots, presently dons the number 21 jersey, which was worn by Ezekiel Elliott during his whole career with the Cowboys.

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