Every '00s Preteen's Jewelry Was Upgraded by Hailey Bieber

Despite being born in the midst of it (in 1996), Hailey Bieber embodies '90s minimalism.

On Tuesday, August 1, Bieber went to Giorgio Baldi for dinner wearing a classic LBD,

and pointed-toe shoes that could have reminded you of what your mother wore to work,

before "business casual" became the standard.The 26-year-old model dressed,

for the occasion in a straightforward, stylish, and ultimately timeless black strapless dress from The Row.

Body-con midi-length LBD was accessorized with equally understated yet timeless pieces,

including a patent black bag, a gold necklace, a silver bracelet,

and gold drop earrings (mixing metals is currently in). Oh, and what's that on her ankle that I notice?

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