ESPN expert calls 49ers' Trey Lance transaction worst in NFL history.

The judgement is still out on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance,

but ESPN's Marcus Spears has already declared the Niners' trade to move up to the No. 3 spot to secure the QB in the 2021 NFL Draft a colossal flop.

"Look, they have a terrible situation with Trey Lance," Spears stated on ESPN's First Take. "

This could go down as one of the worst draft transactions in NFL history.

 ready to play and being so innovative offensively that it hasn't been reflected in the win-loss record. 

 But you gave up a lot by going up and acquiring Trey Lance.

Lance is approaching his third season in the NFL, but he still has a lot of questions. 

When he was appointed the 49ers' starting in 2022, he was meant to answer most of them

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