Eric Nelsen discusses working with Tim McGraw in '1883'

Even the most seasoned performers may find it intimidating to work with a huge star.

Therefore, it seems sense that Eric Nelsen, who plays Ennis on 1883, was a little nervous when he learned.

He would be working with Tim McGraw and having his wife Faith Hill on set to support him no less.

On the Yellowstone prequel series, the country music stars portray James and Margaret Dutton, a married pair.

Prior to the events of the first season of Yellowstone, the show follows the Dutton family as they move to Montana, with Eric's persona serving as Elsa (the couple's daughter)'s romantic interest.

Although working with Tim has been nothing short of a fantastic experience overall, Eric noted that this on-screen tension frequently continues even when the cameras are not rolling.

"He's grown into a pretty good friend, and I truly admired him. He likes to throw things around on and off set, but as the season progresses, viewers will see, our characters aren't always on the best of terms," Eric told Fox News Digital.

The 1883 actor also admitted that Tim pulled a lot of pranks on him when they were filming.

The two-time Women's Champion is eager to return to WWE after a seventeen-year absence to battle Charlotte Flair.