Elon Musk did a bicep curl in a laughing meeting room.

In front of a packed meeting room of colleagues, Elon Musk posted a live video,

of himself performing a bicep curl.Musk took up a dumbbell and began the routine,

while his coworkers watched and laughed with him.The live video capability on X appeared,

to be tested in the video, and Musk claimed it "works reasonably well."Elon Musk, the owner of X,

made an odd and a little disorganized live video appearance on the platform on Friday,

appearing to amuse coworkers by performing bicep curls.Early on Friday morning,

Musk posted the strange live video. He appeared to check himself out in the video,

before chuckling and panning to a group of coworkers chit-chatting.Musk requested,

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