Elon Musk Associates Suspect Ketamine Habit for Strange Behavior

According to several people close to the billionaire Elon Musk, his increasingly unpredictable,

conduct and decision-making may be related to an alleged rise in ketamine use.

One noteworthy nugget emerged from Ronan Farrow's thorough and in-depth investigation,

into the current Muskworld palace intrigue for The New Yorker: those in the billionaire's inner circle,

are worried that as he continues to take on more, he may be self-medicating and that he may be,

using the horse tranquilizer-turned-recreational-and-therapeutic drug.As Farrow points out,

there has been an increase in talk, even from Musk, that the world's richest man is, at the very least,

curious about the medication's therapeutic effects.Despite declining to comment on the topic,

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