Due to Hunter's problems, will Michelle Obama replace Biden in 2024?

 Some believe that if the president is forced out of the race by corruption allegations,

 mounting evidence of mental impairment, and low approval ratings next year,

only the former first lady has the name recognition and appeal to jump in as a last-minute substitute. 

 Mrs. Obama, who is widely regarded as one of the most admired persons in the country, has a strong chance of winning. 

Nonetheless, disclosures regarding Hunter Biden's influence peddling and his father's apparent cooperation stain not only Joe Biden's presidency

 they also cast a pall over the Obama White House. To be sure, Michelle Obama is not the president, but she would run on her husband's reputation

 People will eventually wonder: what did President Obama know about Joe Biden's obvious wrongdoing,

The evidence implies that the Obama administration, which liberals falsely portrayed as "scandal-free,"

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