Downey Jr.'s 'Cool Food' Book Fights Climate Change

Robert Downey Jr. is unquestionably a Hollywood legend, whether you're a Gen Z Marvel,

fan who knows the dreamy Oscar-nominated actor as Tony Stark or you've been around,

since his Less Than Zero days. Downey is an example of someone who has been an A-lister,

for as long as it has been possible to be and knows how important it is to constantly reinvent oneself.

The Sherlock Holmes actor is reinventing himself through vegetarianism and environmental activism.

Downey revealed to Variety in 2020 how his diet had changed. "I'm becoming vegan!" For money and beans,"

he jokingly remarked at the Dolittle premiere. This was after he had jokingly compared his cinematic,

career to "[creating] faces for cash and chicken," for context. He clarified, "Even though no,

Iron Man's actual replacement for the MCU has been confirmed by Marvel.