Diablo 4 gamer complains about losing cinders on death and gets reprimanded.

It is not a new feature in Diablo 4 that players will lose cinders when they die during Helltides

 Even while the vast majority of players are fine with this mechanism, one of them took their complaint to Reddit, where they received a tremendous amount of backlash.

Cinders, a currency-like item that is acquired by defeating Helltide foes and completing Helltide events, cannot be lost in Diablo 4

 even though the game may have a few problems and glitches that infuriate its player base. However, losing cinders is not one of these situations.

One player was completely annihilated by the comment section of Reddit for stating their controversial opinion

 which was regarding the fact that you lose a sizeable portion of your cinders when you die during the Helltide event, but not all of them.

The vast majority of people who have posted responses to this thread's question have done so in a manner that is both hostile and contradictory to what the initial poster stated.

One of them says something along the lines of, "This is Diablo, not Animal Crossing; the only acceptable answer is just to get good and don't die so you don't lose the cinders.

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