Dentist sentenced to life, $15M for killing wife on African safari

THE CITY OF DENVER As a wealthy dentist accused of killing his wife at the conclusion of an African safari sat in court on Monday,

her brother swore to relocate her remains to a location that Larry Rudolph would never find.

Shortly before a judge sentenced Rudolph to life in prison for Bianca Rudolph's killing in 2016, 

Vincent Finizio prophesied Larry Rudolph would "die alone and unmourned" and that his future grandkids would have no idea he existed.

"Even Judas would be afraid to be in your company," Finizio added, referring to Jesus' traitor's house - Dante's darkest circle of hell.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez also assessed pecuniary penalties totaling more than $15 million on Rudolph, 

who was also convicted of mail fraud for cashing in roughly $5 million in insurance plans for his wife as he established a new life with his longtime girlfriend.

Rudolph has maintained throughout the case that his wife's death in Zambia, a southern African country, was an accident. His lawyer, David Oscar Markus, said he and his colleague, Margot Moss, were hopeful of winning an appeal.

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