Dee Eskridge got into a fight, got hurt, and got carted off.

FIGHTS AND INJURIES ON AUG 7 During the Seahawks' training camp session on Monday, there were a few disputes and a few injuries.

Is that terrible news? Safety Joey Blount was taken off the practice field in a cart after suffering what may have been a back injury.

The Seattle Times said that top rookie Devon Witherspoon worked out before finishing on the sidelines with "a wrap on his leg."

The Times also said that during the padded practice, the offense and defense got into two fights—the first of training camp

one of which involved receiver Dee Eskridge and safety Jerrick Reed, along with other players.

JULY 1 IS IMPAIRING TO RUSS Russell Wilson, the quarterback for Denver, is reportedly being harassed endlessly. 

After being traded away from Seattle, was he a bad player in 2022? Yes. A bad shape? Maybe. Corny? Kinda.

However, a recent tweet concerning "NFL arrests" shouldn't be related to Wilson at all.

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