DC's Frustrating Flash Movie Streaming Record Breaks

When The Flash begins streaming on Max, it will set a new low for DC.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, studios used to release the latest films on streaming the same day they were released in theaters.

Theatrical-to-streaming windows have recently begun to expand again, with Marvel Studios lengthening the wait for recent films and The Super Mario Bros.

just surpassing that record for Universal on Peacock. Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce the Max streaming release date for DC's latest film, The Flash, despite the fact that it has been in cinemas for 53 days.

Max revealed a list of the new movies and episodes that will be available on the streaming service in August at the end of July, and The Flash was not among them.

The Flash will have been in theaters for 77 days by the time September begins, implying that its theatrical-to-streaming window will be at least that lengthy, if not much longer.

The Flash will shatter the irritating record for the longest wait since Max (previously HBO Max) started, with a theatrical-to-streaming window of at least 77 days.

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