Christopher Nolan's $1 billion trilogy is returning to theaters; learn about the release date, theater locations, and more.

Christopher Nolan's classic Dark Knight Trilogy returns to theaters on September 16 for Batman Day.

Check out the film's release date, streaming possibilities, and other information.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy is making a big screen reappearance for Batman Day, which is September 16.

This trilogy returned Batman to his origins and detailed the narrative of how he became the Caped Crusader.

Continue reading to learn about the film's release date, streaming options, and more.

Christian Bale portrayed Batman in these films, and his interpretation contributed a lot of depth, emotions, and vulnerability to the character.

This set his portrayal of Batman apart from those we'd seen previously.

Despite the fact that these films were released more than 10 years ago, many comic book enthusiasts consider them to be among the best superhero pictures ever made.

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