Chip Engelland's FIBA World Cup return to Philippines brings back memories and an opportunity to reconnect.

the US despite not playing basketball in over 40 years. The crowd and everyone are amazing.

"I met two or three in Las Vegas. We sit and speak about the PBA and our missed nation."

He undoubtedly made an everlasting effect on Philippine basketball.

Engelland may be the finest pure shooter to wear a Philippines jersey, notwithstanding Bogs Adornado.

His career best was 60 points in 76 games across three PBA conferences, averaging 27.5 points per game.

overtime triumph against a Purdue-coached American squad with future NBA players.

He remarked, "The Jones Cup victory doesn't happen without Jeff Moore (and) Dennis Still."

Our all-around team was remarkable, so we still remain in touch. Ron Jacobs

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