Chad Stahelski attributes John Wick to Bruce Lee.

"Be water," as Bruce Lee famously said, implying that people should be able to adapt to any situation. 

 while John Wick's director has updated the action movie game, he can't help but acknowledge that the films would not have gotten there without Bruce Lee's words, style, and ethics.

perhaps Lee's signature film, Chad Stahelski told Empire, "A lot of what we do in John Wick, the nonverbal communication, is based off of what Bruce did.

I enjoy the action, but I'm also drawn to his demeanor. Half of the reason you like what he does is because you like him: his naivety and hubris

He exudes the confidence of a young guy searching for himself. Bruce knew how to be vulnerable, which I admired about him. 

Many of others who attempted to mimic him said, 'I can't ever lose!' 'I might lose here,' Bruce muses. 'I must do the right thing.'"

This may be seen as a contrast to Quentin Tarantino's portrayal of Lee... But Bruce Lee's influence extended beyond John Wick to the choreographer/director's entire career. 

Stahelski recalled examining Lee's work in both 1973's Enter the Dragon and 1972's Fist of Fury, stating he researched it constantly and discovered exactly how involved Lee became while adapting his skills for the big screen.

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