Brian Robinson Jr. of the Commanders comments on being shot and returning to the NFL a year later: 'I'm a fighter.'

Brian Robinson fought back after being shot in the knee and hip during an attempted robbery on Aug. 28, 2022.A year ago, Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr. went from star rookie at training camp to wondering if he might play football again after two gunshot wounds during an attempted robbery in D.C. 

The Commanders issued a narrative based on conversations with Robinson and their content team in which the second-year pro pondered on Aug. 28, 2022 while he thought all was gone. 

Robinson says he couldn't sleep the first night in the hospital because his mind was racing. 

"I couldn't help but feel disappointed, because I had worked so hard to get here," Robinson added. The first moment I put on that jersey with my name on it, I dreamed of playing in the NFL

From high school football in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to waiting my turn in college and getting the call from Coach Rivera. I realized that dreams are possible with the appropriate habits and work ethic.

Robinson was aware that no one else cared about football. Every NFL fan, family, friend, and Commander wanted to make sure he was okay. "I knew I was lucky to be alive," Robinson said. The topic is gunfireGrant's injury was not disclosed by the organization as of Saturday night, but leaving the field on a cart for the second offseason has all but doomed him. Chris Pokorny of SB Nation's Dawgs by Nature predicted Grant's cut when the Browns cut to 53 on August 29.

 Gunshots kill people. One shot. Anywhere. It can kill you in the oddest places on your body. To take two, I can't imagine I wasn't lucky to escape."

Robinson, from Alabama, was relieved when medics found no structural damage from his bullet wounds. He worked knowing football was still possible.

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