Boston Jonas Brothers Tour Performer Nick Jonas Falls Mid-Song

On Tuesday, Nick Jonas, 30, tripped onstage and fell backwards at TD Garden in Boston, MA. 

The singer was on the Jonas Brothers' Five Albums One Night tour with his brothers Kevin and Joe when the horrific incident occurred, but he was able to get up and continue. 

 A fan in the audience filmed it and posted it on Twitter, prompting several replies from other admirers.“My poor baby,” one fan remarked.

 “Noooo I hope he’s okay!” A third wondered why Nick fell through the stage opening, while a fourth was impressed by his quick recovery. 

Before Nick's fall, his wife Priyanka Chopra was seen crying at Yankee Stadium during the tour's start.

watched her husband perform from the VIP section and wiped her eyes. 

The couple routinely attends Nick's concerts and Priyanka's movie premieres to support each other.

The caption commended the "Jealous" singer's all-white ensemble. She described their gorgeous one-year-old daughter Malti.

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