Boosie Bazz's weed withdrawals: 'Weed Was Like Food'

Following his arrest in June, Boosie Badazz, who is currently under supervision, has discussed his experiences giving up marijuana in accordance with his court order.

In a VladTV interview tape that was released on Wednesday (August 23), he added, "I don't get as angry as much, y'know, I can't smoke pot." "I'm regaining my color. Man, I feel better now.

He acknowledged his problem, saying, "I was an exotic smoker for five years straight. 

Yes, it resembled food. My withdrawal symptoms were bad when I stopped, and my nightmares were weird, bro.

He said, "I got eaten by a bear when I was fishing," adding further details. When I was in New York for a contract,

I lost my balance and fell from the skyscraper. The other night, when I was talking to another woman at supper,

a woman walked up behind me and suddenly stabbed me in the back. Man, I was sweating like crazy.

The Baton Rouge musician also expressed his anger on YNW Melly's case and the possibility that the 24-year-old could receive a death sentence.

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