Before John Wick, the $5.5 million Keanu Reeves film mocked 3100-year-old Chinese martial arts popularized by Jet Li.

Those interested in martial arts in film should have seen Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi.

The film includes exciting martial arts sequences based on Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial system made popular by actor Jet Li.

Jet Li is a Chinese actor, film producer, and martial artist. The actor is well-known for his expertise in Tai Chi, a 3,100-year-old Chinese martial technique. 

Man of Tai Chi, Keanu Reeves' directorial debut, is universally condemned by critics and practitioners of the ancient martial art for dishonoring the technique.

It is a 2013 Chinese-American martial arts film directed by Keanu Reeves. It also stars Keanu Reeves, Tiger Chen, Iko Uwais, Karen Mok, and Simon Yam.

Since 2007, Reeves has intended to develop a film alongside his long-time friend and partner Tiger Chen (Reeves' stunt double in The Matrix films). 

The Man of Tai Chi was conceived as a result of their joint imagination. This is Keanu Reeves' first picture in which he plays a villain. Tiger Hu Chen is a

martial arts expert who becomes engaged with an underground combat club run by security specialist Donaka Mark, played by Keanu Reeves.

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