BEEF's Creator Is Faced With A Major Season 2 Decision

Is BEEF returning for Season 2? We simply don't know because of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

However, it hasn't prevented inventor Lee Sung Jin from whipping up some flame-grilled choices for what another helping would look like.

Lee reveals in a recent interview with TVLine's sister site The Hollywood Reporter that he'd "love to make more," but confesses he's not sure what path it would go.

"We initially pitched the show as an anthology series where every season is a new beef with new characters," he explained.

At the same time, I adore Danny [played by Steven Yeun], Amy [Ali Wong], George [Joseph Lee], Paul [Young Mazino], and the world we've created.

So I'm totally open to anything. Most importantly, I want to continue working with this crew that I've grown to adore.

But without a writers room and any sort of momentum, it's difficult for me to determine which way we'll go, so I'm hoping the AMPTP comes to its senses."

Danny and Amy survived a near-death incident towards the end of BEEF's first season, only for George to appear out of nowhere and shoot Danny down.

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