Athletics-The United States wins the mixed relay with a world record when Bol falls.

Budapest (Reuters)On Saturday, Femke Bol stumbled five meters from the line just as she was about to lead the Netherlands to gold,

but the US won a world record in the mixed 4x400 meters relay.

The Dutch ran well, but U.S. anchor Alexis Holmes chased Bol to within inches when Bol tumbled to the track, hurt her head, and dropped the baton.

The Americans' 2019 world record of 3:08.80 was broken.

Britain won silver in 3:11.06 and the Czech Republic bronze in 3:11.98—both national records.

An event still finding its footing gave the outstanding crowd a spectacular climax on Budapest's opening night.

Gabby Thomas was set to join the U.S. squad after sitting out the morning heats, but Matthew Boling replaced Ryan Willie.

The favorites started well, but Lieke Klaver's second leg gave the Dutch, who won silver last year, the lead.

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