Animals on the road: Should you stop, swerve, or keep going?

A deer grazing in your yard is a pleasant surprise, but seeing one in the middle of the road is quite another. 

The USDA estimates that 1-2 million large animal collisions occur annually, costing over $1 billion. 

 Whether you drive everyday or simply on weekends, you should know how your auto insurance carrier handles animal collisions.

Bankrate's qualified insurance agents can address your auto insurance and animal collision issues.

A full-coverage vehicle insurance policy covers animal-related accidents.

Although not an industry standard, full coverage usually means a driver has comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to their state's minimum.

How you hit an animal and whether it was a pet can affect how your insurance handles the accident and which coverage applies.

The collision or liability parts of your car insurance policy may cover animal crashes, whereas the comprehensive part may not.

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