Alica Schmidt, the "World's Hottest Track Star," Scores a Major Victory

This week, the German track sensation Alica Schmidt, who has millions of followers across social media, took home a significant victory.

A number of people have referred to Schmidt as the "World's Hottest Track Star,"

and he is currently trending on several social media platforms. "Alica completed the race with a time of 52.18, which is a personal best for her,"

it was reported. The finisher with the timing that was closest to that one was 53.27 seconds. 

 It speaks volumes about your abilities if you can best your rivals by more than a second. 

According to what Outkick wrote, there is typically at least one other runner close behind you.

It doesn't matter what the competition is, if you come out on top, dominate your opponents, and set a new personal best,

you have something to celebrate. That was exactly what Alica did, but she quickly shifted her attention to getting back to work once she finished.

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