After tumultuous divorce, Kevin Costner's ex Christine Baumgartner moved into $35K-per-month rental.

Christine's Santa Barbara home, which is only 10 miles from the palatial $145 million Carpinteria house she once lived with the Yellowstone actor, is every bit as opulent.

The house, which is nestled among the beautiful green expanse of California's affluent neighborhood, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an assortment of facilities

Christine, 49, got this home for a monthly rent of $35,000. This decision is said to be based on her love for her children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

People magazine underlined her interim stay in a smaller property within the main compound following her July 28 shift, underlining her intention to avoid disturbances for her children

Christine, a well-known handbag designer, has worked tirelessly to keep the family's normalcy intact, particularly for their three children.

She has been outspoken about the difficulties she had in finding a rental house in the neighborhood that fit the family's usual lifestyle.

Christine and the 68-year-old actor's relationship has been strained since she filed for divorce in May. 

From conflicts over Christine's refusal to leave the Carpinteria estate despite Kevin's large $1.45 million offer to locate her a new home to charges 

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The trade that Dallas made is already paying dividends in practice.