According to IMDb, these are the ten best sci-fi television pilots.

When it comes to television, science fiction is a huge hit. Sci-fi TV shows rarely fail to be absolutely interesting, with unique concepts, inventive settings, and colorful people placed inside these environs, with a few of them even being ranked among the highest-rated shows on IMDb.

The pilot episode of any show is one of the most crucial, and there have been plenty of sci-fi shows with first episodes that quickly enchanted and hooked fans all over the world. 

It's possible that the Hobbs spinoff will reveal Hobbs' sister, who was teased in The Fate of the Furious.

Many sci-fi pilots have earned the favor of IMDb fans over the years, whether it's an episode that blends sci-fi with other genres, like Stranger Things, or pure and unadulterated sci-fi, like The Mandalorian.

 Stranger Things, a Netflix original series that premiered in 2016, captivated audiences worldwide with its story of a small community investigating a supernatural mystery following the disappearance of a young kid.

 Audiences couldn't help but fall in love with its nostalgic homage to the '80s, beautiful coming-of-age tone, and horrifying sci-fi/fantasy aspects. The first episode of the show masterfully establishes the basis for the season's story.

 It performs everything a pilot is supposed to do, including setting up the mystery of Will Byers' disappearance and establishing the show's lovely yet somber tone.

Arcane is a definite must-see, even if you're not a League of Legends enthusiast. It quickly jumped out as something new, original, and fascinating for all sci-fi lovers, with its enthralling portrayal of the story of two iconic LoL champions and the power that breaks them apart.

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