Accelerating Diablo 4 levels with a revolutionary method.

Diablo 4 players seek leveling advantages; content creator Raxxanterax reveals groundbreaking method.

New leveling technique unveiled, leveraging recent 1.1.1 patch dungeon changes.

Record shattered post-patch: Level 40 achieved in just 2 hours, 7 minutes (previously 3.5 hours).

Key is the "Domhainne Tunnels," now known as "dopamine tunnels" due to their effectiveness.

Patch's density changes transformed tunnels into XP hotspots, outperforming strongholds.

Raxxanterax explains strategy: Repeatedly resetting tunnel beginning yields colossal XP.

Tunnels' monster-packed start grants unparalleled experience compared to older methods.

Diablo 4 community abuzz with excitement over Raxxanterax's groundbreaking leveling discovery.

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