Aaron Rodgers shadows Giants Jihad Ward tense ‘Hard Knocks’ exchange: ‘Never heard of you’

Last Saturday before Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers capped his preseason debut with a touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson, Giants outside linebacker Jihad Ward prodded "the bear."And Rodgers wasn't happy about it.

Ward continued to run toward the quarterback (and "Hard Knocks" star, as the fourth episode of the HBO series again depicted Tuesday night).

And shoved him during the first quarter of that game as Rodgers drifted back and completed a throw to Mecole Hardman.

So Rodgers resisted. "What the f-k is that?" he questioned Ward. Then Rodgers said something that he later described as "un-comeback-able."

Rodgers' competitive nature, which was a driving force behind his 10 Pro Bowl selections and four MVP awards, has come to the fore.

In the penultimate episode of "Hard Knocks," which has been following the Jets throughout training camp.

That includes during a Jets practice and, finally, during their 32-24 preseason victory over the Giants, which produced a lot of expletives, some sincere rage, and a peek of a new side of the 39-year-old quarterback.

Rodgers was heard saying in the episode, "I threw that ball and he f-king took five steps and pushed me," as he stood on the Jets' sideline following the touchdown."I told them, 'I don't even know who you are. I don't know who you are, he said.

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