'A budget of $200 million!' - Tom Holland takes us behind the scenes of Spider-Man 4's blockbuster ambitions.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 is on the way, with MCU executives apparently planning the film on a $200 million budget. 

The next huge hit could be released in 2025!

While the MCU has had numerous hits, the Tom Holland-led Peter Parker franchise is taking the franchise to new heights.

With a track record of smashing records and amassing an unrivaled fandom, it's no surprise that the buzz around Spider-Man 4 is hotter than a New York summer.

 Here's a look back at the last installment's fascinating hints and speculation.

In a world where secrets are as well guarded as Aunt May's wheatcake recipe, rumors of the MCU's next big Spider-Man project are sweeping Hollywood. 

According to Koimoi, the MCU executives are weaving the web for Spider-Man 4, following the massive success of No Way Home.

The film that is expected to build on the foundation laid by No Way Home will have a massive budget of $200 million," a comic book movie disclosed.

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