5 Evidences That John Wick Is Still Alive After JW4's End

Lionsgate's plans to produce the fifth episode of the beloved action franchise, we must state unequivocally: John Wick is not dead.

Despite the fact that the fourth John Wick film publicly states that Keanu Reeves' character died in the end, it's highly likely that his death was manufactured.

Lionsgate's confirmation of the fifth film is the clearest sign that John Wick is alive. After the franchise crossed $1B, we knew the studio wouldn't let our favorite action hero lie in peace, and now we know John is alive.

1. A billion dollars

John Wick was never supposed to die in the fourth movie, and director Chad Stahelski stated that the original ending featured one more scene after the graveyard that showed John still alive. The scene was boldly deleted, yet its presence communicates volumes.

2. The Deleted Scene

When he termed John Wick "a ghost searching for a graveyard," Marquis Vincent de Gramont may have meant more than that. John needed a graveyard to mislead the High Table, thus supporters think it foreshadows his return.

3. Quote from the Marquishe Deleted Scene

John Wick's dogs are extremely smart and skillful. John's pitbull turns to the side with his ears perked up in the cemetery scenario, perhaps smelling his master or seeing him.

4. The Dog's Antics

John Wick died off-screen. The titular character was neither killed nor buried! This suggests that John Wick's death was faked, as off-screen action heroes rarely die.

5. There is no Burial Scene.

Five signs that the world's most beloved dog-lover's story isn't over.

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