49ers fans scuffle at preseason game in front of kids.

At Levi's Stadium on Saturday, there was an unpleasant situation in the crowd during the San Francisco 49ers preseason game.

Following a significant altercation during the game against the Denver Broncos, many Niners supporters had to be separated.

At least three people can be seen punching each other at the opening of a video, however it's unclear what caused the uproar. 

Two supporters appeared to be involved, one wearing a Steve Young jersey and the other a Jerry Rice jersey.

The battle was witnessed by at least three kids in the front row.

One supporter was taken away, while two others, including the one wearing the Rice jersey and the one wearing a white shirt, continued to hurl many haymakers.

Security eventually broke it up, but not before the man in the white shirt emerged covered in blood and with the collar of his shirt ripped.

The supporter wearing the white jersey and the person wearing the Young jersey appear to be at odds in a different view of the brawl's start.

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