11 Fruits With Low Sugar Content

Fruit can fulfill your sweet desire and provide vitamins and fiber.

However, if you are watching your sugar intake, consider low-sugar fruits. Get these low-sugar fruits in your diet.Grapefruit is low-glycemic. Food elevates blood sugar quickly according to the glycemic index

At 15 grams per uncooked cup, blueberries have more sugar.8 However, blueberries offer other benefits. For instance, consuming moderate amounts of berries regularly lowers type 2 diabetes risk

Like a lemon, you can utilize a lime in a recipe or drink instead of eating it whole.Cranberries include only 4 g of sugar per cup.14 They're rich in antioxidant-rich plant components

Watermelon has a pleasant taste but little sugar. A cup of sliced watermelon has 45 calories and 9 g of sugar.A kiwi has 7 g of sugar

Avocados provide 9 g of fiber.22 Avocados may decrease cholesterol and enhance heart health due to their monounsaturated fat content.The sweet citrus fruit orange fits a low-sugar diet

Oranges have little under 13 grams of sugar. That orange provides 3 grams of fiber and 70% of the required vitamin C.25

US plums have less sugar grams than other fruits. A plum has less than 7 g of sugar. The low-GI fruit offers 1 g of fiber and 30 calories.29

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