10 Wrestlers Who Had Their Careers Ruined Due To WWE's Booking Of Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has one of the most natural wrestling skills in the WWE.

Since her debut, she has led the women's division and won a record number of titles.

However, her dominance has hurt many people due to her constant pushes and booking.

Wrestlers have had their careers interrupted owing to this, and while some have recovered, it provided them unnecessary challenges.

WWE pushed Charlotte Flair harder and had her win back the Raw Women's Title whenever Sasha Banks gained momentum or gold in 2016.

Flair repeatedly beating Banks made it hard for The Boss to develop her WWE identity as a top performer.

It was clear that WWE had always seen Flair as the bigger name, which led to Banks not being booked as strongly as she should have been, especially in 2015 and 2016 when she was first introduced to the main roster.

This booking had a lasting impact on her WWE career.

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