10 Times Sasha Proved She Was Attack on Titan's Best Character

Attack on Titan is known for having supporting characters who are just as strong and well-developed as the main characters, and who often drive the plot just as much as the major characters.

Because of this, the many different and well-rounded secondary characters let the show cover not only more points of view but also more types of stories. 

 One important person who shows this is Sasha Braus.

Sasha might be weird, obsessed, and a bit more shounen than the rest of the series, but that's what makes her such a fan favorite.

Her silly actions bring much-needed laughter, but more importantly, she is an incredibly skilled fighter in her own way.

The first scene of Sasha will always be remembered. It was a silly shonen comedy, which was a nice change from the first two episodes, which were scary.

Even though Sasha is like Goku in that she eats whatever is in front of her, she was much stronger than it seemed at first glance.

 Sasha didn't complain when she had to run for a whole day. Another important trait that the scene showed was Sasha's kindness.

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