10 Boom! Studios Comics That Would Make Excellent Films

Boom! Studios has established itself as one of the most powerful comic book publishers of the contemporary period.

They have a lot of stories that would be great for a movie adaption.

Boom! Studios has emerged as one of the most powerful comic publishers of the previous decade, producing some of the most popular modern indie hits.

This has been accomplished through a combination of licensed content and some outstanding creator-owned titles that have established the Boom!

Boom! has developed a reputation among fans and reviewers alike for its surprising crossovers, long-awaited sequels, and beloved franchises.

Boom! Studios has signed Grant Morrison, James Tynion IV, and John Carpenter, among other top comics creators.

No one should be surprised that the studio has released many movie-ready comics.

Boom! Studios should spearhead indie content in the Golden Age of comic book film.

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